Singing Friend 100% recycled bird feeders (2019)

In 2018 I’ve been involved with the development of the SAM bird feeder, made of 100% recycled plastics from beverage carton reject. Thanks to the successful market introduction of the SAM feeder, we’ve added the ANNA along with other products to this seasons Singing Friend product line. In this post I’ll show you what’s new.

Embed images in stylesheets using just the command line

At some point I found myself wanting to convert a PNG image to Base64 to embed it in a stylesheet. I’m not a big fan of online tools, therefore I decided to check if there is a CLI (command-line interface) available. Turns out it’s already installed on your machine if you’re using a Mac.

Since I couldn’t find all the information right away, this is a complete writeup of the information I needed.

The time trap anti-spam technique

As a maintainer of several websites with contact forms, I’ve fought my battles with spam bots. This can easily be solved using a CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA, but I’d rather use those options as a last resort. Honestly, CAPTCHA solutions are a personal annoyance.

This writeup outlines the time trap technique that has been very effective for regular use. By regular use, I mean the website you’re protecting isn’t big enough for a spammer to target specifically.

SAM: 100% recycled bird feeder

As a freelancer I’m involved in a variety of projects for different companies, which means I get to do different types of work. In this case it’s an industrial project, an injection molded bird feeder for Singing Friend. But this is not just a bird feeder. It’s made from a highly innovative material; a material that is usually regarded as “garbage” and “worthless”.

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