3D printed electric longboard

This project started when Joris Helming shared his idea of converting his longboard to an electric longboard. I’ve done several projects with Joris in the past (Mixblocks, Virtual Supermarket, VR Eye tracking hardware) and spent countless hours skateboarding as a kid and still use a skateboard as a means of transportation, so I was interested to see if we could pull this off.

Without going into detail, let’s first have a look at the results! This is us going for a test drive:

Video preview

And some pictures of the final product:

During our tests we found that the maximum speed is 32 km/h and it has an action radius of about 10km with our battery pack (2x4S lipo). Or 8km if you want to outpace electric bikes.

Read more about the development process below!

Cover design for PhD thesis

When I tell people I’m a product developer, they usually think of me as a graphic designer. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you probably know by now that this is not the same. I am not a graphic designer. However, I do enjoy creating something printable every now and then.

In this case, I was asked to help my dear friend Jaike Praagman out with a cover for her PhD thesis.

Please continue reading to see the result.

TIQ marketing website redesign

This post is about the new TIQ marketing website we launched last week. I think this is the best version of the TIQ marketing website we have made up to today:

Homepage of the new TIQ marketing website

This post is a quick writeup to give you an idea of how we approached the redesign and the development process.

SunBin - Award-winning solar-powered interactive waste container

This post is about the SunBin, my graduation project for my Industrial Design Engineering degree in 2010. It was featured in the Dutch Jeugdjournaal (Kids News) and this will give you a quick introduction to the project:

Video preview

In this post I will shortly explain what the SunBin is, the development process and achievements with this project.

Mixblocks - Musical building blocks on the iPhone

This post is about a startup I’ve co-founded in 2012: Mixblocks B.V.

Before getting to the details, we have created a short video to illustrate how Mixblocks works:

Video preview

In this post I will shortly explain what Mixblocks is, how it works and why we decided to pull the plug after 2 years.

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